Configuring Intel SRT on an Asus P8Z68-V Pro without reinstalling Windows

I just picked up a cheapo 32Gb SSD and wanted to try out Intel’s Smart Response Technology.  Here’s how I did it:

My system drive is a 1TB Western Digital Black.  My SATA controller was configured as AHCI in the bios/efi.  Changing this to RAID (as required by SRT) causes windows to barf.  Here’s the solution to that:

Next step was to upgrade the BIOS.  I upgraded to 1101 using EZ Flash 2.  I put the ROM file (8mb) onto a FAT formatted USB stick, made sure it was plugged in, then rebooted and followed the steps in the EFI.

Once windows was booting again with the SATA controller in RAID mode, I shutdown and plugged in my SSD.

Once windows was up again, I launched the Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology) GUI, which I had preinstalled.  I didn’t see the “acceleration” tab as I had expected.  So, I reinstalled the RST app again (without uninstalling) and voila, there it was.

Click on the acceleration tab, and enable it.  Bam.

My reboot time went from 4:20 to 2:00 after the first reboot.  Faster after that.  A very nice improvement!