Monthly archives: February, 2013

Adding new VLAN to SEA

I have a 2 VIOS SEA failover setup. When adding a new VLAN to the SEA, I create a new Virtual Trunk adapter with the new VLANs to be added. This process has worked well, however the most recent time I performed it on 4 servers, 2 had problems – no traffic whatsoever to the…

Update on AeroFS

After writing my last post (Alternative to LogMeIn’s Cubby), I did some more research into AeroFS. It looks like they’re planning on supporting the 1 feature that bothered me the most! to be able to sync existing folders/files without transfering them into the AeroFS library

Alternative to LogMeIn’s Cubby

I was using Cubby over the past year and I’ve loved it. There were 3 reasons why I loved it: It allowed me to sync specific folders It allowed me to sync folders without some pesky “cloud” intermediate storage in the way (though this is possible with the same app) It didn’t require me to…