Alternative to LogMeIn’s Cubby

I was using Cubby over the past year and I’ve loved it. There were 3 reasons why I loved it:

  1. It allowed me to sync specific folders
  2. It allowed me to sync folders without some pesky “cloud” intermediate storage in the way (though this is possible with the same app)
  3. It didn’t require me to place my folders some central “cubby” folder. I could sync any folder by right-clicking it.

Then LogMeIn/Cubby went and did something stupid: They decided to start charging for this feature. They now call it “DirectSync”. They’re charging $7 a month.

I did some searching, and unfortunately there are not a lot of options that provide the same features. Many are way too complicated. The closest I’ve found is AeroFS.

The only disadvantage is that synced files are required to be in the “AeroFS” folder. I’ll live with that for now.