Monthly archives: October, 2014

AIX NIM NFS issues

Recently ran into a problem with NIM communication between an LPAR and the NIM server. The errors looked like this:   Permission denied rc=175 0042-175 c_mkbosi: An unexpected result was returned by the “/usr/sbin/mount” co mmand:   The problem was that my “/etc/exports” file on the NIM server contained some stale entries that resulted in…

VSixty aluminum pedal actual weight

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of info out there on these pedals.  At this weight and approx $99CDN, these seem to be a pretty good deal! These have a chromoly axle, and aluminum platform with removeable pins.  These are not the V-Sixty magnesium pedals.   184 Grams per pedal – 368 Grams per…

Avid BB7 mtn and FR5 lever actual weights

  Here’s actual weight of an OEM Avid BB7 Mountain kit with Avid FR-5 levers.  These came off a 2015 Kona Wo.   Front: 322 Grams   Rear: 366 Grams

Avid DB-3 Brakes Actual Weighs

Here’s actual weight for Avid DB3 hydraulic disc brakes: Front: 316 grams   Rear: 336 grams

2015 Kona Wo spotted

Just saw the new Kona Wo at my local shop. Looks like a great build! A few things I noticed: -Very wide bar at 30in measured. -Nice short stem -Tons of tire clearance. If those are really 4.5’s on there, it almost looks like 6in tires would fit! -The XL weighs 35lbs 10oz with pedals….