Error after updating IBM Power server to new firmware

Ran into an issue this week after we updated an IBM Power8 S822 to a new firmware revision.

In order to perform the update (SV810.21), I first had to update the HMC. I chose to update to HMC version 8.2, including the 3 required fixes.

The HMC updated fine.

I then updated the first S822, and noticed something suspicious when the “estimated time” of 24min had been exceeded – it was at 40min and counting.

It eventually timed out, and an error said “Unable to reconnect to server after FSP restart”. Then the “No Connection” error, with “02FF-0003-008087E9”.

A quick google found this link, but the workaround didn’t solve my problem:

Turns out I had missed a fix on the HMC – I installed MH01486 and all was well.