Basil Hayden vs 1792 Small Batch

Had an evening by myself tonight, and had to decide what to drink from my current collection of Bourbon:



So, I chose a glass of Basil Haydens for a fun comparison.



Having had a glass of scotch half an hour earlier, I was ready to dive right in.

I started with the Basil Haydens:

Good.  Smooth, quite a bit of vanilla.  Nothing wrong with this.
Then I tried my (current) favorite, 1792.

Incredible.  More flavor up front, better aftertaste.  Longer, like an adventure.  All around just amazing.


It may be that I’m biased towards 1792 as it is my favorite, but this is my third bottle, and each has been fantastic (despite polarizing reviews elsewhere – I feel like there must be some bad bottles out there).

The aftertaste is just perfect.  It goes on forever, with different flavors every few seconds.  I keep trying other stuff to see if I’m missing something, but it’s one of my earliest favorites, and hasn’t been knocked off that perch just yet.