Fender American Jazz Deluxe Passive Tone Mod

I’ve got a 2010 American Deluxe Jazz Bass.  This bass’ active preamp has a “passive” tone knob.  It’s a nice feature for when you want some control in passive mode.

However, I wanted a the knob to work in both active and passive modes.  After reviewing the circuit, I found that it’s a really simply mod.

Note that this mod should work with any “Deluxe” bass that has the active/passive switch.  Older models do not have this.

  1. Remove the control plate and find the tone capacitor.  It is soldered to the passive tone pot, and the active/passive switchIMAG1230
  2. Desolder the switch end of the capacitor
  3. Solder the capacitor to the middle post of the swtich, as shown below