Raceface Atlas 35 stem actual weight

Raceface Atlas 35mm stem in 35mm length. Weight: 144g

Chromag BZA Handlebar actual weight

Actual weight of the Chromag BZA 35mm diameter 800mm width 25mm rise handlebar: 210g Note: stem only used to prop bar up

Schwalbe Magic Mary and Rock Razor actual weights

Here’s actual weight for 29×2.35 Magic Mary Snakeskin Evo Trailstar, and Rock Razor Snakesin Evo:   Magic Mary: 912grams Rock Razor: 718grams  

Fender American Jazz Deluxe Passive Tone Mod

I’ve got a 2010 American Deluxe Jazz Bass.  This bass’ active preamp has a “passive” tone knob.  It’s a nice feature for when you want some control in passive mode. However, I wanted a the knob to work in both active and passive modes.  After reviewing the circuit, I found that it’s a really simply…

Shimano XT M8000 Disc Brake weights

Just picked up these brakes!  These are the new Shimano XT M8000 brakes.  Front and rear.  Disc weight to come soon. Front weight, uncut hose: 278grams Rear weight, uncut hose: 294grams  

Basil Hayden vs 1792 Small Batch

Had an evening by myself tonight, and had to decide what to drink from my current collection of Bourbon:   So, I chose a glass of Basil Haydens for a fun comparison.   Having had a glass of scotch half an hour earlier, I was ready to dive right in. I started with the Basil Haydens: Good….

Thomson Elite 31.6 410mm Seatpost Actual Weight

      Here’s the actual weight of a Thomson Elite 410mm 31.6mm diameter seatpost, with the included clamps: 242 grams  

My Bourbon Rankings – July 2015

I’ve been drinking primarily Bourbon this summer, and need to keep track.  I’m not at the point in my tasting career to begin using fancy words, so for now I’ll just list my order of favorites with a blurb if necessary. Note that these comparisons are by memory – I haven’t done any “head to…

Tapping new threads into a stripped LS Engine crankshaft

I recently stripped the threads in the snout of my 4.8L LR4 engine crankshaft.  I believe it’s the same diameter hole as an LS1, LM7, etc. Anyway, the hole is exactly 18.0mm inside.  I didn’t want to try to drill the hole any bigger, as I didn’t trust myself hand-holding a drill straight enough.  So,…

Error after updating IBM Power server to new firmware

Ran into an issue this week after we updated an IBM Power8 S822 to a new firmware revision. In order to perform the update (SV810.21), I first had to update the HMC. I chose to update to HMC version 8.2, including the 3 required fixes. The HMC updated fine. I then updated the first S822,…